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 Medical & Health Sciences Foundation Diploma Degree Master Course Programmes

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Medical & Health Sciences Foundation Diploma Degree Master Course Programmes Empty
PostSubject: Medical & Health Sciences Foundation Diploma Degree Master Course Programmes   Medical & Health Sciences Foundation Diploma Degree Master Course Programmes EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 5:45 pm

The Frontier of Healthcare Education

We provide extensive foundation, diploma, degree and master programmes in medicine and healthcare within a verdant learning environment.

Our students are moulded to become well-rounded and highly sought-after medical and healthcare professionals in the global industry.

We believe that when students are engaged, they learn. In support of this belief, we uphold the Kaizen principle on continuous improvement in our teaching and learning approaches to maximise the quality of student engagement. This is where our regularly scheduled classroom audits and course and lecturer evaluations serve as important feedback mechanisms.

Fundamentally, we believe in a student-centric teaching and learning model. We recognise that our students have diverse learning styles and strive to develop the most effective teaching methodology that will optimise their learning process. To ensure an alignment between curriculum requirement and actual delivery, we also introduced a database system to manage students' clinical posting, which is a critical component of our health science programmes.

Assessments form an integral facet of our teaching methodology. Our assessment of students' learning hinges on the alignment of the assessed curriculum to the approved curriculum and taught curriculum. Examination papers and answer scripts are subjected to internal panels of subject matter experts as well as external reviews among appointed moderators from other local and international institutions of higher learning. Meanwhile, the AMU Senate and its committees, such as the University Academic Committee (UAC) and University Examination Board (UEB) serve as the highest authority to monitor, evaluate and make recommendations on students' assessments and establish their reliability, validity, accuracy and fairness.

Foundation Courses Programmes In Malaysia ( Centre For Foundation Studies )

Foundation In Health Sciences

The foundation is a preparation programme for students in order to gain admission into first year degree courses.

Diploma Programmes

Diploma In Pharmacy ( Faculty Of Pharmacy )

To provide the learner knowledge and understanding of science and technology which underpins the practice of pharmacy

Diploma In Nursing ( Faculty Of Nursing )

Nursing is a dedicated and satisfying profession that is ever growing, with leadership positions, new fields opening and unlimited potentials. Professional nurses make a difference in the lives of patients and their families

Faculty Of Biomedicine and Health

Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health

Provides both the theory and practical knowledge and skills required to assess and manage occupational safety and health in the work environment

Diploma In Health Informatics

Health Informatics is the analysis and dissemination of medical data through the application of computers to various aspect of healthcare and medicine

Diploma In Environmental Health

Environmental Health addressess all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person

Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology

This programme will prepare the learner’s ability to perform clinical laboratory diagnostic analyses to identify various types of problems in the human blood, urine, body fluids and other specimens

Diploma In Healthcare

Provides comprehensive healthcare management within the healthcare industry. The programme emphasizes on management philosophy, organizational values, business-planning and strategic decision-making as well as application of effective communication skills

Faculty Of Therapeutic Science

Diploma In Medical Imaging

This programme provides learners in achieving the practise and personal skills necessary to work as a member of the diagnostic imaging services and the wider healthcare team

Diploma In Physiotherapy

This course provide knowledge and skills towards the maintenance and rehabilitation of an individual’s physical activities in a wide variety of health settings such an intensive care, mental illness, stroke recovery and care of the elderly

Diploma In Occupational Therapy

This medical profession that uses occupational activities to help people to improve their quality of life by helping them gain productivity and independance

Diploma In Paramedic Science [ Pre-Hospital Care ]

Klik Sini Vitamin Nutrisi Untuk Kecantikan dan Kesihatan

Paramedics provide emegency treatment, and when necessary, transport patients to hospitals for further assessment and treatment
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Medical & Health Sciences Foundation Diploma Degree Master Course Programmes
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